Publishing Diverse Children's Books

Tiger Stripe Publishing is an independent publisher of children’s books. Our mission is to develop high-quality products that celebrate underrepresented people. We are dedicated to increasing the number of diverse books available to all.

While the call for diverse books keeps getting louder, the number of books developed and released by mainstream publishers that are about diverse people is not enough to match the need. Tiger Stripe Publishing is doing its part to provide high-quality diverse books.  


About Joy E Triche, Tiger Stripe Founder and Publisher

Having spent my life as a book lover, I was disheartened by the lack of diversity among children's titles available when looking for books for my three children. I founded Tiger Stripe Publishing to help fill the void.  

Joy Triche

Joy Triche

While being a mom has provided me with insight as to what makes a high-quality children's book, my career in educational publishing has bolstered that. As part of my 18+years in publishing, I have had the honor of serving as a managing editor at National Geographic School Publishing for nearly a decade. I have also worked as an instructional design consultant and developmental editor for educational publishing houses and associations in Phoenix, Atlanta, and Chicago.