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How 'bout a Song?

This historical fiction chapter book inspired by the life of Ella Jenkins, children's folk musician. A Black woman who, beginning in the 1960s, was able to reach children of all ethnicities even as she battled racism. By award-winning author Amanda Caverzasi. This chapter book is targeted at ages 7 – 10.

Because of Khalid

African-American Chris is a 12-year-old recently transplanted in the western Serengeti. His parents run a tented camp in this part of Africa. While school and friends were the norm in his old life, this new reality is filled with lonely days, an unpredictable Internet service, and wild animals roaming through the camp.

Then, Chris befriends Khalid, a young Maasai warrior who comes to work at the camp as a security guard, who teaches this very American boy about the Swahili language, the land, and the animals that are an integral part of the Serengeti. With this he learns the terrible truth about elephant poachers. His life changes when he witnesses an attack on his favorite elephant. 

This chapter book is targeted at ages 10 – 12.


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Q Saves the Sun

Inspired by his father's bedtime stories, nine-year-old Qadeer Taylor transforms into the daring and powerful hero known as SUPER-Q! In his dreams, SUPER-Q must save the sun and the world itself. This is an action-oriented picture book targeted at children ages 5 +.

Reviewed by Booklist: "A good edition to the African American super-hero genre"! Click here to see the entire review.

Author: Isaac Perry

Illustrator: Shomari Harrington



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How I Became We

I wants every thing I can find, and I doesn't want to share. “What’s so wrong with that?” I thinks. Well, in the Land of We, things are less important than the love of one another. Can I find joy in letting go of things and embracing the love of others?

Author: Raquel Monroe

Illustrator: Ketseeyah Yosef


Nuri Means Light

Nuri Means Light


Nuri Means Light

Nuri is excited about starting school; but, hey! all the other children seem to know what their names mean. Rafiki sure does know, so does Alba and Dayaal. Nuri's not sure what her means, but she knows it's something great!  

Tiger Stripe Publishing is teaming up with This Lil' Light of Mine to tell the story of Nuri and her friends as they share the meaning of their beautifully diverse names. This will be picture book for children ages 2 – 5.

Author: Joy Triche  Illustrator: Hamza Muhammad


YAWN! The Yawn that Went 'Round the World

YAWN! The Yawn that Went 'Round the World

Future Hits Songs for Learning Playbook

Future Hits Songs for Learning Playbook


The Yawn that Went 'Round the World

Coming Summer 2017

This sweet bedtime story is guaranteed to make you yawn! (You might be yawning already!) Beautifully illustrated, this gorgeous picture book tells the story of a yawn that went around the world. 

Author and Illustrator: Gene Mandarino


Future Hits, Songs for Learning Playbook

Developed by an ESL teacher and the head of the Future Hits band Matt Baron, Future Hits Playbook is a song-driven workbook that explores basic vowel sounds and word construction. This colorful, fun workbook includes 10 songs, which are all aligned to learning themes. Literacy, social emotional learning, spelling patterns, idioms, and more are planted in the lyrics!

The Future Hits Playbook is great for independent work or group activities. It includes word searches, drawing activities, and crosswords and the makings of a rousing game of charades. All activities are super fun when tied to the songs that come with the book, but they can be completed without music as well.

Perfect for all children, but especially those in grades 2 – 4. And its great for children for whom English is a second language. 

Author: Matt Baron

Illustrator: Raleigh Coulter


Sweet Dreams, Sahara

Coming Holidays 2017

Sweet little Sahara started school today, but much to her surprise, she was the smallest in her pre-k class. Is she too small to the follow her big dreams? Climb aboard her dream train and see if her dream adventures re-inspire greatness in her! This book is targeted as children ages 2 – 5.

Authors: Kristy E. Edwards and Kristiana Colón

Illustrator: Luis Contreras


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