Raquel Monroe Photo courtesy of Naida Zukic

Raquel Monroe
Photo courtesy of Naida Zukic

About the Author

Raquel Monroe holds a Ph.D. in performance studies from UCLA. She is an Associate Professor in Dance at Columbia College Chicago. Raquel has performed in children’s theater in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Monroe is published in the Journal of Pan African Studies and E. Patrick Johnson’s and Ramón Rivera-Severa’s solo/black/woman: Performing Black Feminisms, and Melissa Blanco-Borreli’s The Oxford Handbook: Dance and the Popular Screen (Oxford University Press, July 2014). She serves on the board for the Society of Dance History Scholars, is a member of the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance, and an enthusiastic yoga instructor.

How I Became We



How I Became We is a whimsical way to remind children (and adults!) of the importance of friendship and love over material things. 

I wants every thing I can find, and I doesn't want to share. “What’s so wrong with that?” I thinks. Well, in the Land of We, things are less important than the love of one another. Can I find joy in letting go of things and embracing the love of others?

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Ages 2 - 6

Author: Raquel Monroe

Illustrator: Ketseeyah Yosef

The author chose to avoid gender pronouns so that the story is available to all children. The ideas expressed in the story speak to all readers with various life experiences.

The story was inspired by yoga philosophy that articulates how the five klesa’s (disturbances in the mind)—avidya (ignorance), asmita (pride), raga (attachment), dvesa (aversion), and abhinivesa (fear of death) — negatively impact the koshas, primarily the body (asana), the mind (manas), and the intellect (vijnani).

How I Became We
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