Nuri Means Light
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Nuri Means Light!

What’s the story behind your name? What does your name mean? Curious pre-schooler Nuri wants to know. Her friends have beautiful names like Rafiki, Misaki, Alba, and Brooklyn. Their names have special meanings. Now Nuri wants to know what her name means!

About Nuri

Nuri is the creation of Maryam Afzaa. This Lil’ Light of Mine, Inc. shares the Nuri character with the world through children’s apparel and accessories inspiring little girls to be confident and to love the skin they are in.

About the Author

Joy Triche is the founder and president of Tiger Stripe Publishing, which publishes children’s books that celebrate underrepresented people. Although Joy has spent almost 20 years in the publishing industry, “Nuri Means Light” is her first author credit. Joy is inspired every day by her supportive family, husband Arthur and three children Shahadah, Qassim, and Sabriyah.

About the Illustrator

Hamza “IN-ZO” Muhammad gathers much of his inspiration from comic books, music, and art from around the world.