Q Saves the Sun


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Inspired by his father's bedtime stories, nine-year-old Qadeer Taylor transforms into the daring and powerful hero known as SUPER-Q! In his dreams, SUPER-Q must save the sun and the world itself. This is an action-oriented picture book perfect for all ages, but is targeted at children ages 6 to 10. 

Also available to libraries and schools through our distributor Brodart, Follet, and Children's Plus, Inc.

Written by Isaac Perry, Q SAVES THE SUN is more than an entertaining book to enjoy with your children (although it's that too!). It's an opportunity to inspire a generation of children with the wonderment that comes from well-told fantasy, wrapped in the positive, moving story of an Black boy whose relationship with his father is the seed of his dreams.

Q SAVES THE SUN is our way of saying our kids matter and the relationship between a young Black boy and his father is enough to send our imaginations to the stars and entertain us for years to come.


Isaac Perry is a Chicago-based writer and the Creative Director at Paradox Media. His journalistic work has appeared in publications such as XXL, Vibe, Dime Magazine, and NBA Inside Stuff. Isaac is the author of the novel ALL FALLS DOWN and the host of the Nike original film LACED. Since 1998 Isaac's work in the literary arts has provided his distinctive voice to the global phenomenon of urban culture. Isaac lives on the South Side of Chicago with his son.